About Trinity Management Alternatives


Trinity Management Services (TMA) provides a refreshing alternative to larger, bureaucracy-laden consulting services by providing a more responsive, customized approach to medical practice management. Whether you’re looking to improve the practice operationally, or gain support and guidance with operational challenges and regulations, TMA can assist in providing comprehensive practice management services.

Many physicians simply cannot devote the time and energy it takes to fully understand the huge demands involved in starting a new practice. TMA gives physicians and managers a resource they can turn to for everything from expert advice to full “soup to nuts” implementation and support.

For established medical practices, TMA will audit current managerial processes and recommend improvements and new systems to increase efficiency and profitability. Owners and managers already overloaded by the demands of their core business will appreciate the results and peace of mind that comes with hiring the experts at TMA to handle their special projects.

Kamachie “KC” Chinapen has built her entire career on“get it done.”

A strong communicator and team motivator, KC is a senior level executive who has proven time and again to be a critical asset to both established and startup companies. She has extensive experience developing and implementing operational strategies, and working with senior partners, bankers and attorneys. Her P&L management skills, financial planning and analysis, and unique ability to prioritize multiple and complex tasks have served a wide variety of companies and employers.

Today, after lending her substantial skillset to management companies, healthcare conglomerates and serving almost ten years as CFO and Administrator at the helm of the dominant cardiovascular practice in Central Florida, KC is putting her talents to work for herself as the founder and president of Trinity Management Alternatives.